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Image by Travis Yewell

Welcome to Kuntee Kardz, the naughty little secret of the greeting card industry!

We're here to provide you with hilariously inappropriate  greeting cards, because we believe,
"When you've got nothing nice to say, get Kuntee!​


Why send an average card, when you can stand out with Kuntee Kardz

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to send a straight up "Fuck you", we've got the perfect card to make your recipient blush, giggle, and question their life choices. 

Have an anonymous kuntee message you want to send? We will send your card for you AND send you photo proof that it's in the mail. Signed, sealed, delivered, Kuntee Kardz has you covered!​

Our kardz are like the gift that keeps on slappin' you in all the right places. Trust Kuntee Kardz to deliver your kuntee messages.


​Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into Kuntee Kardz and send a fuck you to the world. Sometimes being a little kuntee is just what the doctor ordered.


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