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Colorful Interior
Colorful Interior

Kuntee Kardz 

A white and black logo with two capital K's in the middle. The words Kuntee Kardz are encircled in the top right with the words, "When you have nothing nice to say, get kuntee," encircled around the bottom.


"When you have nothing nice to say, get Kuntee"

Image by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

we have a Kuntee kard for every occasion

Image by Dane Deaner


Not your average greeting cards

Ever wanted to send a Fuck You card and all you could find was Thank You cards?

Look no further, Kuntee Kardz has you covered! We put a little "fuck you" in every card.


Keep scrolling to browse through our collection or contact us to send a custom kuntee message to someone anonymously.


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See where the #kunteerevolution takes a couple of #kunteebitches next

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